New sound diary and plenty more videos!


Rather than reaching for Soundcloud to host simple audio I figured I’d keep things focused on the growing YouTube page and start a new series of videos called “Sound Diary”. The idea is a simple outlet to share audio based on whatever projects or gear we’re working with. The first is the excellent ADE-32 Octocontroller from Abstract Data playing some other prototypes and the new Synthrotek DLY module.

Nils Frahm – Boiler Room


After taking on some work recently composing some piano led ambient pieces I’ve been digging back into Nils Frahm’s work. His recent album Solo (check it out here) is goregous with lots of exposed and delicate piano that’s worked beautifully. For the synth heads check at his Boiler Room set below for some more varied sonic textures with synths and FX a plenty!

Studio re-work


As we prepare to re-set up, clean & tidy (I’ve been a bit lazy!) and install some new things in the studio as well as re-wiring it all in the room for better integration and workflow … that was a mouth full … what better to share than a┬ávideo from FACTmagazine sure to onset some gear lust. Heres a ┬ástudio tour from Mathew Jonson.