Attack Magazine on “What Do Filters Do?”

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The link above is a great article of what filters do, different filter types and why certain filters sound different. Well worth a read for anyone that’s into sound design and looking understand some of the tools they no doubt use a little more. There’s an extract from the article below.

Quote – “Determining the resonance characteristics is less of a scientific approach, and more about listening. Push the resonance right up to see what effect this has. You could see what additional gain that it adds around the peak, or whether the overall frequency balance is affected (as in the case of the TB-303, where bass frequencies are affected by increasing the resonance). When comparing filters you may also find variations in the width of the resonant hump, amongst many other subtler differences.”

USA vs Russia – Synth Battle!

Ok so the title is a bit full on as it has been everywhere this has already been posted. But here’s a great video from Retro Synth comparing the American Mini Moog and the Soviet Polivoks synth. There dual oscillator filter sweeps, bass, leads and plenty to get your teeth into. It’s great to hear how close some of the sounds are and how different others are.

I original saw this over on Synthtopia which is worth following.

Royksopp – Something In My Heart

It’s not that often I share any music but I definitely have a soft spot for Royksopp so here’s a tune to get your Tuesday going. Really liking this track, as usual from Royksopp well produced music in a sort of alternate pop / electronic world. Really digging the stepped modulation of those stuttering chord sounds. It features the vocals of Jamie Irrepressible.

Jean-Michel Jarre – Evolution of Music Tech

I haven’t listened to the new Jean-Michel Jarre album yet but I have been enjoying the video podcasts released prior to the album. Those videos were short clips looking at the collaborations and who those people were and a bit of insight into the production process. Native Instruments have teamed up with Jean-Michel Jarre for this video and to quote the video description –

“Discover the evolution of electronic music technology with a true pioneer – Jean-Michel Jarre. 

Watch Jean-Michel discuss how his unique artistic journey mirrors the development of music technology, from the early machines like the seminal EMS VCS 3 up to RAZOR and MONARK.

Find out how over 40 years of synth history informed his new album – Electronica, and hear a legend share his thoughts on technology’s future.”