Studio re-work


As we prepare to re-set up, clean & tidy (I’ve been a bit lazy!) and install some new things in the studio as well as re-wiring it all in the room for better integration and workflow … that was a mouth full … what better to share than a video from FACTmagazine sure to onset some gear lust. Heres a  studio tour from Mathew Jonson.

A long overdue update!

After a long period of what may seem to be inactivity on our part here’s a new update! We’ve been busy away with more work than we could have imagined and some more than we should have probably said yes to over the past few months. As you may have started to see more of last year we’re working with a large list of modular synth companies now providing video demos for their products. As a tool the modular synth set up we’ve got at the minute has taught us a massive of amount in terms of synthesis and sound design and proved to the best hands on and creative sound generation we’ve got. But … that’s not to say we don’t still love software and we’ve been testing some new stuff from kiloHearts which is really impressive! Can’t wait for that to come out so we can share content and shout about that publicly. Music has taken us in a few directions as we’re working with some songwriters and singers on some new sounds as well as working into different styles of dance music for further publishing deals and so on.

So yeah, bit of an inactive online presence actually clouded by loads of work! Don’t forget you can check us out on Twitter, Vine, Instagram etc as we tend to post updates on those platforms more regularly.

Gorillaz – Stylo


Forgot how good the video was for this one. Really enjoyed the Plastic Beach album, worth checking out if you haven’t heard it. Great gate folded CD (vinyl style) with extra DVD content and the making of / studio footage to go with the project is worth a watch too. Had this particular track in my head for a few days so thought it’s worth listening properly again and potentially getting it stuck in a few of your heads too. You’ve even got Bruce Willis in the video!