Rebirth of the British Polysynth


Synth fans and music producers may have already seen this but in case you haven’t Sonic State have had a look at the new British Polyphonic 12 voice Synth – Modulus 002. Check it out in the video below, some great sounds in their. Not cheap but other options (vintage and new) aren’t either. What do you think?

Free Samples Round-Up

giving-free-things Here’s a few free samples links we’ve stumbled across lately and something we’ll certainly be checking out, so we thought we’d share those with you all too. Don’t say we don’t love you.  

Cr2 Sample Tools – Mainroom Funk


OUR LATEST SAMPLE PACK IS OUT TODAY! We’ve been working away at this for a long long time and we’re proud to present our latest sound design and sample project “Mainroom Funk”. It’s a massive 2.4GB pack featuring 3 production videos, songstarter / constructions kits, drum hits, drum loops, synth hits, synth loop and tonnes of midi. There’s a really well put together (Cr2 did this, so our heads aren’t getting big over here!) .pdf with a word from us with tips and notes on how we did certain things. As you can no doubt tell we’re really proud of this one. Here’s the full list of what’s included -

‣ Over 2.4GB in total content
‣ 543 x WAV, 24Bit Audio loops (split into stems -1,266 total!)
‣ Over 1.7MB of audio, MIDI and preset content
‣ 30 x bass loops
‣ 20 x combo synth loops split into stems (421
loops in total)
‣ 200 x drum hits
‣ 32 x drum loops (split into stems)
‣ 93 x FX
‣ 20 x massive presets
‣ 219 x MIDI
‣ 8 x songstarter construction kits
‣ 35 x synth shots
‣ Over 37 min (3 x) Prod-Cast video tutorials

Head over to Beatport Sounds and grab the pack, there’s a full demo and drum demo to check out -

And for anyone that buys it and send us a receipt we’ll send over some exclusive free samples as a thank you.