deadmau5 Mega Troll!


deadmau5 mega trolled Ultra Festival over in Miami with his “re-make” of Animals by Martin Garrix. Did it make you laugh or just annoyed at more of his antics? I spat my coffee all over, so made me laugh at least. Check the video below, we found this over on EDM Tunes. Then followed that with a quick search on YouTube and find the Animals and Levels mega troll!



End of the month updates and news!

As always time is flying by and we haven’t said anything here for a while, hopefully you’re keeping up with us on twitter @DivKid and over on Facebook. We’ve been working away on our latest sample pack of Disco vs. Electro which will be coming soon (mailing list members will get some exclusive looks into this so make sure you get your email address over to us to not miss out). We’ve also been working on some modular synth videos with overview videos of a couple of modules and lots more coming soon. You can check all those out on our new YouTube page

Here’s a video you might have missed which is looking at the wavetable processing of a simple analogue waveform going into the WMD Geiger Counter. Any producer types will love it! :)

We’ve also got a new original HACKER which is produced in collaboration with T2. There’s a preview on our soundcloud HERE but we’ll be giving it away exclusively to our mailing and it won’t go anywhere else for a while. So get yourself on that to make sure you don’t miss out.